In HEx, we use design tokens as the minimun elements on the design system - specifically, they are entities that store visual attributes. All these elements are referenced in internal SASS variables. They're widely used in all the project and you will find several helpers around them.

Overriding these variables directly is possible. However, it requires some time to know all of them. For that reason, we provide several mixins to customize HEx easily.


To customize HEx, you need to:

  • Include it in your project using npm/yarn
  • Install SASS
  • Create your theme file _theme.scss
  • Import it in your main file before the hex/src/index.scss import


This file will include all the customizations and it must be included before importing the main hex/src/index.scss file. To use all the available mixins for theming HEx, you only need to import the lib.scss file. The following example customize the text color to black:

// _theme.scss
@import './node_modules/@bitnami/hex/lib';

@include colorTheme(
    'text': black,
  $color-interval // Use the default value
// index.scss
@import './theme';
@import './node_modules/@bitnami/hex/src/index';